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Monday, July 12, 2010

Book to Bali off peak by 30 Nov 11

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Fly to Bali with Garuda off peak Ex SYD/MEL from $780 pp on direct flights.

Ex SYD from $110 pp
Ex MEL from $90 pp

Add Accommodation - Prices are per person twin share in low season, subject to availability at time of booking.

Use our prices as a guide as they do change with currency fluctuation

Family Package quotes available upon request. My recommendations
In Tuban: Bali Dynasty
In Kuta: Hard Rock Hotel
In Legian: Legian Beach Hotel
In Seminyak: The Royal Beach Hotel
In Sanur: Paradise Plaza Suites
In Nusa Dua: Novotel Nusa Dua, Westin
In Tanjung Benoa: Novotel Benoa
In Ubud: Santi Mandala

Indonesia is so diverse and has so much to offer, when you go to Bali, you can always do side trips to some interesting islands.

Lombok (means chilli island or island of chilli), you can do a Mount Rinjani Tour, trekking, stay at the Novotel Kuta to be closest to great surfing breaks, stay around Senggigi Beach to experience some of the famous hotels, restaurants, cafes within this region.

From Lombok, you can then do a side trip to Gili Trawangan by departing from Teluk port, a short water launch ride will see you there.  Fantastic for snorking, diving, canoeing and other water activities.

Return to Bali for a few nights or just one nigh and then fly to Flores Island from Labuanbajo Airport, a Tour Operator will pick you up and transfer you to Komodo Island for a variety of Tour packages inclusive of transfers, accommodation and an English speaking guide to take you around throughout the program to come face to face with the Komodo dragons.   They are meat eaters and their saliva is a deadly so it is not an island to go wondering off on your own but with the Experience and highly trained English Speaking Tour Guides, they will escort you around the island and places where Komodo dragons are found to see what they really look like, how they live and how the experts have learnt so much about them in order to interact with them without getting injured, bitten or eaten by these pre-historic looking creatures.   They are amazing, spectacular and a wonder because they exist and are rare species confined on an Island called Komodo Island.   You do have to wonder why only this island has the dragons, why not other islands?   Well, you will have to go there to become educated about these fascinating creatures.  When you finish your Tour program, you will be transfered back to Flores for your departure back to Bali.    You can enjoy a short time or a long time in Bali before flying to Jakarta or Jogyakarta.    Tours are available to pre-book and visit Mount Bromo, many temples and amazing history to learn along the way. Contact us to book your Indonesian trips, we are the specialists of Bali and beyond in Indonesia  

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