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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Canada Ski Travel

It's time to Ski Canada and it's time for you to experience it.
Curve down a sunny slope, wind between trees in an untracked glade, look down into an adrenalin-stoking alpine bowl or slide down the bunny hill. Sign up for a class to carve perfect turns on groomed trails or g ild in a choice of world-class snowboard parks.  

Feel Sunshine warm your face on the deck of a peak-top bistro or raise a glass in a mountain-village pub.

To ski and snowboard in Canada is to reach the pinnacle of a modern day winter experience. Everyone - from beginners to heli-ski devotees-has unbelievable choices.  Out west where the high-amp scenery will take your breath away, the powder is dry and fluffy.  In the east, the altitude is lower, but the nightlife buzz is sky-high with a french vibe.

Get your vertical without the line-ups of other ski destinations on runs so long you'll think they never end.  Ski by day and night, it really is up to you. Apres ski, play with your family or party with the crowd. Indulge in a massage and slide into a spa. Dine on artisan cheese in Quebec, Pinot Noir in Niagara and Asian delicacies in Vancouver. Relax in five star splendour or c hill in your cosy slope-side chalet.  

The Canadian wonders - more than skiing and snowboarding
After you've explored Canada's mountains, head down to the valleys and experience village life. If you're not one for the slopes, or are more apres than ski, there are hundreds of winter activities to keep you busy or relaxed. Tubing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, ecotours, helicopter tours, tasting tours, snowcat tours, mountaineering, cultural visits, gourmet and spa experiences just to name a few.

And "apres-ski"?  It's a combination of fireside chat, dance party, custom drink menus and bite size tastings, that are much a part of the Canadian ski vacation as the slopes themselves.   Get to know a cosy village bistro.   Hear about your kids tubing adventure while warming by a wood-burning fire.  Talk and laugh with friends, old and new, deep into the night.  Explore Canada's winter Wonderland to the fullest.

Ski and snowboard schools are fantastic
If you want to learn how to ski, snowboard or simply want to improve your technique, then Canada is the right place for you.  Group lessons, private courses, off-piste or ski touring - it's all there, including some of the world's finest ski school and programs.  The kids' programs are second to none: first-class facilities and attentive, child-friendly staff.

Keep looking out for Canada Ski Areas plus more and in the meantime visit our website  to see what else is happening.  

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